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KATRAFAY - Essential Oil 15 ml
KATRAFAY - Essential Oil 15 ml


KATRAFAY - Essential Oil 15 ml


The katrafay or Cedrelopsis grevei is a shrub endemic to Madagascar and belongs to the Lauraceae family. The essential oil is extracted from its bark.

Present in the South-West region of the Island and nowhere else in the World, the Katrafay holds an important place in the Malagasy Pharmacopoeia. 

Has a very pleasant earthy, woody aroma so if these are your favorite scents, then the katrafay is the perfect essential oil for you!

Paired with a carrier oil, (we recommend the Moringa oil for a perfect synergy), it's an excellent post-workout massage oil, as the Katrafay has properties that will help with relaxation and relieve muscle soreness.