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Our story

Our story

Meet our Founder...

Founder of SOOALA

Being originally from Madagascar - where she grew up, Lina decided to do something with that identity. Her strong ties to natural products, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and the will to make a true difference in people’s lives, were also a strong motivator behind the scene of SOOALA .

Her story begins about 10 years ago, when she was back in her country Island after her studies in Paris, realizing how diverse in riches and biodiversity her Island was, and how much the people were talented through their craftsmanship - transforming natural fibers and materials, into their everyday life tools.

She just fell in love with these crafts and with her people's way of living; simple, close to nature and care free, just being grateful with what they have despite the extreme poverty.

From then, she took on the mission to share the best of what the Island has to offer with the rest of the world, help the local people earn a good living regularly through their talent and give credit to the Island’s legacy.

At SOOALA, we simply want to share our love for Madagascar, its culture, its people and make our customers travel to this extraordinary Island through our simple - yet beautiful crafts, all made out of natural raw materials, endemic to Madagascar.

Conscious shopping made easy...

We believe in businesses that empower people to live a more sustainable life, without making any concession on the products' quality and aesthetic.

Our founder herself is committed to do her part, when it comes to our children's and our planet's future. 
Everything we do is targeted to make us move towards a better world. Eco-friendly packagings, ingredients, raw materials; everything we offer is made out of 100% natural material and just to give you the peace of mind, you will know exactly what you buy and where it's from.

Valuing Handcrafted products...

Sooala workshop raffia crochet

Not only we believe that a handmade product is so much more valuable to own, we also believe it's beautifully unique and the expert hands behind it have poured every ounce of savoir faire they have and their whole heart into making your product. A savoir faire that is most of the time, a family legacy. 

We are proud to serve a cause that goes beyond Fair Trade and knowing that we make it possible for people to make a tremendous impact on someone else's life, is sufficient to make us do what we do. We make sure our makers earn a regular living from their hard work and find value in sharing their culture abroad. Through your purchase, we are able to place regular orders with them and bet on a brighter future for themselves and their families. We will show you how life changing it is; they will be able to send their children to school, take care of their health and perhaps hire other people to maintain their productivity - allowing these new recruits to earn a living as well.

Sharing Madagascar's extraordinary biodiversity with the world...

What we love about our business is to make it possible for people on the other side of the planet to benefit from the Island's powerful nature, through our clean Skin care line and our green Wellness products.

Every big companies in the cosmetic and aromatherapy industries, know about Madagascar's extraordinary biodiversity, they source some of their products' most powerful active ingredients over there, without giving credit to the Island.

Our mission is to make sure the world knows where these powerful ingredients come from.

That's a promise we made and a word we will keep. 



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