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Our Makers

The makers behind our amazing products are among the best of the island! Each of their crafts is more than a specialty; it's a passion and a legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation. 

Malagasy craftsmen wouldn't change their tools or ways for the fanciest, most practical modern tools - that's how they protect their legacy and the spirit of their piece of art.

Trust us, we tried!.

Our rock star raw material! RAFFIA... 


Raffia is a natural fiber that is harvest from the leaves of a palm tree. This material is one of the toughest natural fiber there is. 

When harvested, they are cleaned and dried under the sun. After long days of preparation including hand splitting them one fiber at a time, they finally can be sorted and our talented girls begin the process of rolling them flat, in a knit ball.

To weave raffia, it takes really skilled hands and tremendous patience. The technique is crochet, and the difficulty resides in the regularity of the stitches. The hands that makes a bag, will be the same until that bag is built (for our biggest piece, it can take days!! 3 to 4 to give you a rough idea). That's how hard the job is.

We are working on portraits of each and everyone of our makers to celebrate the hardworking talented people behind your beautiful products: from our crochet girls to our weavers and zebu horn craftsmen.

We will also provide the full story behind each amazing brands we represent, and the person behind it; so you can make sure they comply to what we stand for: natural, Eco-friendly and exclusively handmade products - with spirit and history!


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