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BODY ALLY - Body&Nails Oil 200 ml
BODY ALLY - Body&Nails Oil 200 ml


BODY ALLY - Body&Nails Oil 200 ml


Our Baobab Oil is THE magic formula for efficient hydration & protection. Artisanally extracted and cold pressed, all the virtues of our oil has been preserved to serve your skin's needs, but also your hair's and your nails'.

The best part? It makes it easy for you to switch to a all natural skin care routine.

How to use your body ally:

  • Massage into your very dry to dry skin. Hydrates and eases skin tightness.
  • Use as a pre-shampoo mask on dry scalp or on the split ends before styling your hair
  • Massage into your nails and cuticles for a most needed nourishment

This oil was extracted from the fruits of the baobab trees endemic to the extraordinary island of Madagascar, the Baobab Grandidieri (as its scientific name), different from the oils extracted from the Baobab Digitata.