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Welcome to Madagascar

Posted by Sooala Admin on

Buckle up!... and let's escape to this extraordinary Island... At the time we are releasing this blog post, we are all in quarantine, and leisure travelling will probably take a long time before it is safe and responsible again. Well, as much as this idea sounds gut wrenching, especially for those who love going places, we are adaptable creatures and we are going to get through this!.

Hopefully, we have all this time at home, dreaming about our future and this post was written to make you escape for a moment...

An incredible biodiversity...

An incredible biodiversity.

Once you set foot on the red soil of Madagascar (not the airport - we understand each other) - but rather on your way to the coasts, it doesn't matter whether you're going east, west or up north, the magic operates !! 

First, we will bet on the change of scenery, making your heart race of excitement. If we take the luxuriant forests of the east coast of the island for example,  as it unfolds in front of your eyes, like a green carpet into the horizon - with your hair in the air, feeling the breeze on your face, admiring such beauty. This incredible landscape will awaken all of your dead senses and before you know it, the Red Island has cast its spell on you; and this is not just about the landscapes!. It's also all about the island's people and their ways of welcoming you with a unique smile. You will then start to question yourself; how in the world these people display such happiness, with almost nothing for them? Where are those smiles coming from? - they barely know if they will actually have their next meal. But there they are.. welcoming and warm, sharing what they have with you, welcoming you in their homes. The Malagasy sense of hospitality is well know and admired amongst travelers who have discovered it.

The time spent on roads and other bumpy paths will allow you to admire sceneries, both breathtaking and varied. Its incredibly rich flora and fauna are mesmerizing and will make you want to stay - may be longer than planned.

Madagascar is the only and solely island where baobabs, cactus and flowery lianas, are gathered in the same piece of land. This vast territory is rich in contrasts, where rain forests and desert areas are cohabiting, where lands and seas join up, in unrivaled ecosystem. 

The Great Island inspires quietness and rest. You truly feel the uniqueness of the experience you are living. We are not even mentioning its biodiversity in details; so to finish the job - here are some insights for you to think of, so you can grasp what we are trying to paint here: more than 14 000 different species calls the island Home and it goes in harmony with the local inhabitants' lifestyle, who live their lives to the rhythm imposed by nature. 90% of Madagascar's species doesn't exist anywhere else in the world and we make all this accessible to you.

Madagascar's culture, its true richness...

Madagascar's culture


Madagascar's culture










The Island's location (a short distance from the African continent, South east Asia and the middle east), is key when it comes to the Malagasy people's culture. The mix background, colors its population and has enriched the local culture; being so diverse but at the same time so unique. Its history makes it an extraordinary island, as a subtle cultural mixture between Africa, Asia and the Arabic countries define its population and therefore, its culture. As the fourth largest island in the world, there was plenty of land for the 18 ethnicity to settle. Each and every one of them have their own traditions and ways, that were influenced by the neighbour continents; the crafts, beauty rituals and health care - all sourced from nature's power and defined by their beliefs and their close bond with their environment.

One of the things that makes us do what we do, is the meaningful and vibrant mission, to share these ancient ways with the world along with the beauty of these crafts, translating an incredible mix of culture.
We want to introduce you to the simple beauty and self care rituals the local women have, as well as the simple way of living, that would just make you closer to nature. 

So, don't think twice and travel with us...


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